Dance Entropy’s Foray into Blogging

Hello dance community! I’m very pleased to be writing Dance Entropy’s first ever blog post. Here, we’ll share what’s on at Dance Entropy and Green Space, the company’s Long Island City home studio. Get in on the creative process behind exciting new works, our outreach activities within Queens and the greater community, insights we have from 12 years running affordable dance rental space in NYC. And get to know us: Artistic Director Valerie Green, our eight talented dancers, supporting staff, and for this very first post, me!

About the Author

Hannah FosterI became Programs Manager at Dance Entropy in September of this year, after leaving an educational yet unfulfilling Corporate America job. (This non-arts related position is a bit of a blip on my resume, but it did give me better phone skills than most of my millennial texting generation.) Long before this, I trained at San Francisco Ballet School while growing up and later went on to earn my B.A. from Skidmore College. After graduating, I was a trainee at Boston Ballet and danced with Orlando Ballet’s second company.

Feeling the need to broaden my horizons beyond the stage underneath my toes, I moved to New York to work for Dance Media, a connection I still maintain as a freelance writer. (Find links to my published writing and personal blog here.) In addition to journalism, managing programs at DE/GS, and dancing (currently with Buggé Ballet), I’m also a part time art consultant. Sometimes I even sleep.

I was initially drawn to Dance Entropy by the great lengths the small company goes to furthering the arts among its communities. Maybe it was because I had spent the past 10 months providing research to wealthy companies investing in other wealthy companies to become wealthier (re: Corporate America blip). Maybe I was kidding myself that I’d every be happy in a 9-5 job where people say things like “send it up the flag pole” and “I don’t have the bandwidth.”

Either way, Dance Entropy’s mission struck a deep chord, one that resonated so powerfully that I didn’t hesitate to hand in my two weeks after being invited to join the  team by Artistic/Executive Director, Valerie Green.

The Mission

Valerie has built a lasting, nurturing home for dance in Queens. Dance Entropy and its programs at Green Space aim to:

  • create a platform for multicultural understanding through dance
  • nurture connections between dance creation and education
  • build community among dance artists in New York City
  • connect artists, students, audience, and community supporters

In my short two months here, I’ve seen that four-point pledge executed in Fertile Ground and Take Root performances at Green Space. It permeates the work Valerie is creating with the input from her community. It’s evident in the daily renters who represent a vast diversity of ages, genders, dance styles, ethnicities, NYC neighborhoods, and backgrounds.

For Dance Entropy’s 20th Anniversary Season, I hope to be an asset to the company that does so much for its community.


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