Since Green Space opened it’s doors in 2005, before it even had an official space and the building was still in the process of installing walls to differentiate the varying offices and studios, Treehouse Shakers has been rehearsing at Green Space. The building, which was originally an old Silk Factory, is conveniently located near several subway lines in Long Island City. In the beginning, we felt like we had stumbled onto a gem of a rehearsal space (we still feel this way). We were no longer crammed into too small of a studio, trying our best to ignore musical performers belting in the hallway, or worse, frantically trying to find a last minute rehearsal space. Over the years, Green Space has become Treehouse Shakers’ rehearsal home. We rehearse anywhere from 6-10 hours a week in the space.

We have created numerous shows from scratch at Green Space including:

  • Coyote’s Dance (which even had the New York Times travel to the space to review the work in rehearsal)
  • Let’s Talk About IT! (our work for teens)
  • Hatched (our piece for babies to preschoolers)
  • Under the Tangle (for ages 8+)
  • The Boy Who Grew Flowers (For ages 4-8), our newest piece
Photo by Christopher Duggan, courtesy of THS.

Every artist needs a home in NYC in order to succeed, a place they can be comfortable in, grow their own set of imaginary roots in. Gratefully, Green Space has been that place for us.

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About Treehouse Shakers

THS was co-founded in 1997. Melding modern dance, music and interactive visual elements with a script, our repertoire includes 14 works that explore narrative styles through universal themes addressing every age level within youth programming. Transcending race, gender and socioeconomic status, past themes have explored imagination, courage and integrity. As one of New York’s only dance theater companies creating original work for young audiences, our goal is to provide inventive, intelligent and engaging performances that nurture creative thought and inspire dialog. With each new work, we set the bar higher, challenging our artistic process and the thinking of young audiences. Increasing the reach of our work, we tour nationally and partner with local schools and non-profits to provide tickets to underserved youth and families. Helping solidify our role in the American theater, we are currently the only U.S. company touring a dance-play specifically for babies. Complimenting performances, THS provides teacher trainings and residencies for students that focus on the art of storytelling through dance, theater, and writing.

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