This week, ahead of Dance Entropy’s 20th Anniversary Gala on Monday, we’re catching up with Board Member Scott Crowley who joined in Fall of 2017. Find out about his networking prowess, his Netflix picks, and his favorite Long Island City hangouts below!

Tell me about where you work and where you’re from.

I have my own company called Sabini, Crowley and Associates. I’m from Webster, NY. (A good six hour drive from LIC.)

How did you get in involved with Valerie and Dance Entropy?

Valerie and I met through the Long Island City Partnership at several of their networking nights. Then we passed each other in the neighborhood—we live fairly close—and then she called to ask if I’d be interested in joining the board.

What’s been your interest in dance or arts in general?

You know I’m not really a huge arts person. So I guess that’s one of the things that interested me about joining the board: to learn more about arts and dance by being an active participant. I appreciate art but I’ve didn’t grow up in that world. It’s a different perspective.

What are you excited about, either since joining or looking forward to the future?

As soon as I joined we kicked right into planning for the event Monday. That would be the most exciting thing, since that’s been the focus since I joined October/November. It’s the 20th Anniversary and it looks like it’s going to be the biggest event Valerie’s ever had. So that’s very exciting, to know that I helped play a role in that.

And hopefully looking forward to what happens after that. It’s a big deal, the 20th anniversary. Hopefully the event will be enough to capture the new supporters and keep them in the fold for the future.

Where do you typically find yourself on a Friday night?

I’m probably at home watching Netflix, having pizza and some cocktails. Two Fridays a month I have my daughter with me so tonight we’ll probably watching a kids show like Liv in Maddie.

Ideal dance partner or dinner party guest?

For a dinner party, my grandfather who died before I was a thought. Sounds like he was quite the character. If I had to pick someone to dance with, I’d probably go with one of my favorite singers: Kay Hanley of Letters to Cleo.

Go-To Spot in LIC?

Bar 43! They even have a rewards club where they pay you to eat and drink there. But the people there are super nice; that’s why I go back.

Interview has been edited and condensed for clarity

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