Ever wanted to hear Dance Entropy Artistic Director Valerie Green’s life story? Now is your chance! Movers & Shapers: a Dance Podcast is the brainchild of The Moving Architects, a female-centric dance company founded on New Years Day in 2007. Ms. Green is honored to be featured on the podcast that has shared so many inspiring stories of dancers, choreographers, directors, writers, teachers and more in NYC and beyond.

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From Movers & Shapers:

Podcast episode no. 60 out today! Hear from the determined and driven Valerie Green, the Artistic & Executive Director of Dance Entropy Inc. and Green Space in Queens. From her Midwest beginnings to being drawn to the NYC dance scene through studying with Erick Hawkins Dance Company, hear how she has shared dance internationally in war torn countries, created meaningful work through her 20-year-old dance company, established a dance space for artists in Queens, and teaches special adult populations throughout NYC. Download on iTunes, Spotify, or anywhere you find you podcasts. ENJOY!

More info: http://themovingarchitects.org/movers-shapers-valerie-green/

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